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    Can you inject transient references into a method on a Servlet?

    Benjamin Confino Newbie

      I'm getting some odd behaviour and I would like to know if this is a bug or if this is correct.


      I have a dependent scoped bean, this bean has a method annotated with @PreDestroy that prints out a message.



      public class TransiantDependentScopedBean {



          public void doSomething() {

              int i = 1;






          public void preDestroy() {





      I inject that bean into a method, like this:



          public void transientVisit(@TransientReference TransiantDependentScopedBean bean) {





      When I place that method in an application scoped bean I see that the bean is destroyed as soon as the method is finished - as I would expect from a method annotated @TransientReference. However when I move that method to my Servlet class (annotated @WebServlet, extending HttpServlet) I see transientVisit is called, but preDestroy is not called until I shut down the entire server.