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    Jboss eap5: ejbload called multiple times in same transaction

    Divya Ahuja Newbie



      I have my ejb application deployed on Jboss eap 5.0. I have noticed following behavior during an Entity bean load. Whenever i call a business method of my entity bean , ejbload is calle which returns new bean object. Ideally it should use the same bean which was loaded during the start of the transaction, but in the same transaction every time a new bean is loaded when i invoke the bean business method.

      I tested the behavior on Jboss AS 7 but it shows different behavior. In Jboss AS7, only one bean is loaded and used until transaction commit.

      Is there any configuration in Jboss 5 which will help me achieve the same behavior as Jboos AS7?

      My entity bean is using "Instance per transaction BMP Entity " Configuration.