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    Wildfly.8.2.0.Final clustering

    fpezzati Newbie

      I am using VirtualBox on a WINDOWS7, host of two DEBIAN7.7 guests, I run a Wildfly.8.2.0.Final istance per guest. Each guest can comunicate with the other one. Using one guest browser I can see the Wildfly istance welcome page that's running on the other guest. I run each istance in standalone-ha mode, network interfaces have mutlicast enabled. I added a multicast route

      route add -net subnet dev eth0

      guests are identical. I made some tests using jgroups's test application McastReceiverTest and McastSenderTest with the following addresses:, and Every test worked, on the receiver guest I can read what I sent by the sender guest. I and run Wildfly istance with this command

      ./standalone.sh -b=%ETH0_IP_ADDRESS% -c standalone-ha.xml -Djboss.node.name=%NODE_NAME% -u

      I can see on Wildfly node named srv1 that the two istances build a cluster:

      ... ...ISPN000094: Received new cluster view: [srv2/web|3] (2) [srv2/web, srv1/web] 

      where srv1 and srv2 are the node names of the istances. A tcpdump show UDP packets come across the multicast address, just where JGroups is listening. Despite all this goodness, http-session is not shared, this is my problem. The application I use is very simple and <distributable/>, I have already used it succesfully in a multiple nodes on a single host scenario. I tried to change my application too, I use this one https://github.com/liweinan/cluster-demo but http session is not shared.