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    How to configure the HTTP Cache-Control for static files?

    Chuan Guo Newbie



      I'm new with JBoss/Wildfly, could be a stupid question, but I've searched in web, but still no answer...


      I have a project, ServerSide is JEE & Wildfly (src/java/) and front end is html + javascript (src/webapp/),

      I would like to configure the HTTP Header's Cache-Control for static files like html file,

      like ETAG or maxAge, to avoid Refresh everywhere after a new version..


      I know in Java I can add Cache-Control to Response's header, but it seems that

      they only work for Request to Java, but not for static files.


      How can I configure this for them? or simply in global?


      I've also tried to insert Filter in subsystem for undertow:

        <response-header name="Cache-Control" header-name="Cache-Control" header-value="no-cache"/>

      then inserted a the following for default-host in <server>

        <filter-ref name="Cache-Control"/>

      but it also only works for dynamic part....


      Thanks in advance!