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    JBPM 6 framework running on weblogic/Tomcat

    Arun BC Newbie



      Am new to JBPM. Am exploring whether JBPM 6 can be used for one of our product. I read the user guide and found that it has steps to download and run ant scripts to run JBPM 6 instance. I have an Java EE enterprise application and I should be able to add another module which will have all the BPMN 2 processes and rules defined. This module has to be packaged into the existing ear and deployed to weblogic 10.3.6 or Tomcat and in future weblogic 12c.


      1. What are all the list of dependencies that I need to add to maven module for JBPM 6 application/module. As per documentation I see jbpm-test dependency should be added. Am not sure why it has been named *-test and whether it is correct to be added or is there a list of maven dependency which I can use in that module.


      2. I understood that JBPM 6 requires persistense and there are DDL provided. I can create a schema in Oracle 12g and have a datasource configured. What should be the JNDI name for that datasource so that the JBPM 6 API can refer/use them?


      3. I know there is something called workbench available to see the existing processes. How to deploy that to weblogic (10.3.6)/Tomcat and weblogic 12c? Other than workbench, do I need to deploy any other wars?


      4. How do I integrate JBPM 6 with Spring as the existing product uses. I mean creating JBPM 6 related beans for executing the processes.


      Please clarify.