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    reading proxies info from inside Tomcat




      I'm looking for a way to read proxy informations from within an application deployed on a Tomcat 7.


      With the jboss cli I can read the proxies info like this:



      I looked for the ModClusterListener MBean methods and properties in Tomcat 7. I found this method in ModClusterListener:


           * {@inhericDoc}


           * @see org.jboss.modcluster.ModClusterServiceMBean#getProxyInfo()



          public Map<InetSocketAddress, String> getProxyInfo() {

              return this.service.getProxyInfo();



      The problem is that I found no proxyInfo method or attribute at the ModClusterListener MBean.


      Please, can somebody tell me if it is possible to retrieve this informations in Tomcat and if so how to do it.


      I'm using modcluster 1.2.10 and Tomcat 7.0.57.


      Thank you very much.