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    TreeCache use in Infinispan 7

    Manuel Franqueira Newbie

      HI guys,


      I'm migrating my applications from JBoss4 to Wildfly. I have an old tree cache design which I want to use with Infinispan 7.

      In documentation (Infinispan User Guide), section 2.6.3 Creating a Tree Cache is showed the following code:


      import org.infinispan.config.Configuration;

      import org.infinispan.tree.TreeCacheFactory;

      import org.infinispan.tree.TreeCache;


      Configuration config = new Configuration();


      Cache cache = new DefaultCacheManager(config).getCache();

      TreeCache treeCache = TreeCacheFactory.createTreeCache(cache);

      Class org.infinispan.config.Configuration doesn't exist in version 7. Is this a documentation error?

      What should I use instead?

      Thank you so much,

      Manuel Franqueira