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    Persistence with AttributePersistenceService

    Pumuckl Eder Newbie


      I am using the AttributePersistenceService in my MXBean.

      When I am starting the JBoss server with run.bat under Windows the attributes of my bean are saved correctly.

      When I am starting the JBoss server as a Windows-Service (wrapper -> tanukisoftware) then the attributes of my bean are not saved any more.
      I tried to start as SYSTEM and the local User which is the starter of run.bat both are not working.

      What can I do that the persistence-service is running in the jboss-service?

      I have a MXBean and a method 'setUpCounter' which sets the attribute. In the web-console the attribute is shown in a textfield. When I am changing the value in the textfield and hit return, the change of the value is recognized by the persistenceManager which is storing it at once.
      When I am calling the method 'setUpCounter' the persistenceManager is recognizing no value change.

      Is there a possibility to tell the persistenceManager that he should save the values of the bean?

      Thank you,
      Werner Hofmann