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    Wildfly called via mod_proxy_ajp leads to "timeout"

    El Cel Newbie

      Hello everyone,

      when we call our application (which is deployed on Wildfly 8.2.0 final) after some time of inactivity (e.g. in the morning) we get an “endless” loading page not loading any content.

      If we hit refresh, everything works fine again.


      We have a reverse proxy which calls Wildfly via ajp, there is also a monowall (firewall) between the reverse-proxy and the application server.

      This blogpost is describing a similar problem: http://blog.techstacks.com/2008/01/tip-modjk-timesout-on-initial.html. Unfortunately we are using a different ajp module: mod_proxy,which how I have been told by the admin, has no similar timeout settings like in the blogpost described. I have adjusted the timeout settings in Wildfly for the ajp listener and will observe the behavior (The timeout is not appearing every morning  ...) and update this post.


      Has anyone experienced similar problems and can point me in any direction?