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    @named bean methods not called from EL

    Nandagopal Sekar Newbie



      I am using jboss-as-7.1.1.Final as the server for my application which consists of a war and several jar modules.

      I had some beans in my jar modules with the @Named annotation and I was able to access these beans directly from EL from my war module.


      I upgraded my weld version from weld-core-1.1.5.AS71.Final to weld-core-1.1.26.Final and found that the EL expressions (from war) are not invoking the functions present in the @Named bean in the jar.

      Everything works as expected when I have the @Named bean in the war and i call it from EL!! 


      Is this a bug or are we not supposed to have @Named beans in other jars ?

      Or have i just made some configuration mistake?



      • I do have a beans.xml in the META-INF folder in my jars
      • I have seen the logs and there are no errors or warnings !