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    RHQ oracle plugin can not detect oracle 12c

    Joseph Hwang Novice

      These are my RHQ environment.


      OS : CentOS 7.0

      DB : oracle 12c

      RHQ : 4.13

      JDK : 1.7.0_55


      But RHQ oracle plugin doesn't detect oracle 12c. But RHQ installation with oracle 12c has no problem and RHQ detects apache HTTP server and WildFly successfully.

      So I rejar oracle 12c jdbc driver, ojdbc7.jar with rhq-oracle-plugin-4.13.0.jar in lib folder. The ref site is Getting rhq-oracle-plugin-4.11.0 to work

      But It does not work. Is this another issue of rhq-oracle-plugin-4.13.0? If so, pls make JIRA for solving this issue.

      Best regards!