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    EJB3 + JBossWS + WEB + SSL

    Emil Nilimaa Newbie

      Okay here is our problem:

      We have an enterprise app running in JBoss 5 which is composed of a server application with EJB3, a webapp running in the internal tomcat, and webservices over JBossWS to talk to the EJB3s.

      So, now we want all of it over SSL.

      I've been looking (googling and whatnot) forever now. There just doesn't seem to be anything that gets this working...

      I've got the web working by doing a certificate/keystore etc and changed the server.xml to use port 8443 but thats it... The webapp works over https. EJB3 works as usual. But now the JBossWS webservices does not work.

      What do we need to do exactly to get all of this to work? There are so many informative pages that DOES NOT work with jboss 5. Where can you find some up2date info on how to enable SSL for EJB3, JBossWS and jbossweb?