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    Create forum using Jboss GateIn-3.4.0.Final-jbossas5 Portal

    nans james Newbie

        I want to create a forum. am using Jboss server 5.1. I like to create forum using GateIn-3.4.0.Final-jbossas5.
      Am new to jboss portal but i manage to access the url http://localhost:8080/portal.

      To download Jboss forum i accessed the link http://jbossforums.jboss.org/Downloads/new-downloads.html .
      In this link i can't found Jboss forum for GateIn-3.4.0.Final-jbossas5 Portal.
      Do i want to deploy Jboss portal 2.7 instead of GateIn-3.4.0.Final-jbossas5 Portal?

      Please correct me if i want to have change in version of Jboss with suitable version for this idea.