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    Resteasy get only 404 and no Logging

    Moritz Winterberg Newbie

      I have a very simple RESTeasy example running wildfly 8.2 on Mac.


      It contains only two classes:


      import javax.ws.rs.ApplicationPath;

      import javax.ws.rs.core.Application;



      public class RestApp extends Application {


      import javax.ejb.LocalBean;

      import javax.ejb.Stateless;

      import javax.ws.rs.GET;

      import javax.ws.rs.Path;

      import javax.ws.rs.Produces;

      import javax.ws.rs.core.Application;

      import javax.ws.rs.core.MediaType;

      import javax.ws.rs.core.Response;



      public class TestTheRest extends Application {



         public Response getBookingDetails() {

              String hello = "Hi";

              return Response.ok(hello).build();





      EDIT: I also have the problem when running the javaee7 example rest enpoint: javaee7-samples/jaxrs/jaxrs-endpoint at master · javaee-samples/javaee7-samples · GitHub


      Browsing to /warname gives me "forbidden" which should be ok while trying with "/warname/test" will return a 404 not found. Also in the server.log i can see just nothing when making requests ??

      Looks as if the Resource Annotations are not scanned at all ? Wish I had some logging at least.

      Any idea ?


      [0m [0m19:03:54,777 INFO  [org.wildfly.extension.undertow] (MSC service thread 1-2) JBAS017534: Registered web context: /logicshop

      [0m [0m19:03:54,814 INFO  [org.jboss.as.server] (Controller Boot Thread) JBAS018559: Deployed "logicshop.war" (runtime-name : "logicshop.war")

      [0m [0m19:03:54,823 INFO  [org.jboss.as] (Controller Boot Thread) JBAS015961: Http management interface listening on

      [0m [0m19:03:54,823 INFO  [org.jboss.as] (Controller Boot Thread) JBAS015951: Admin console listening on

      [0m [0m19:03:54,823 INFO  [org.jboss.as] (Controller Boot Thread) JBAS015874: WildFly 8.2.0.Final "Tweek" started in 3018ms - Started 262 of 317 services (92 services are lazy, passive or on-demand)

      [0mConnected to server

      [2015-01-15 07:03:54,836] Artifact logicshop: Artifact is being deployed, please wait...

      [0m19:03:54,899 INFO  [org.wildfly.extension.undertow] (MSC service thread 1-6) JBAS017535: Unregistered web context: /logicshop

      [0m [0m19:03:54,918 INFO  [org.hibernate.validator.internal.util.Version] (MSC service thread 1-1) HV000001: Hibernate Validator 5.1.3.Final

      [0m [0m19:03:54,966 INFO  [org.jboss.as.server.deployment] (MSC service thread 1-13) JBAS015877: Stopped deployment logicshop.war (runtime-name: logicshop.war) in 71ms

      [0m [0m19:03:55,013 INFO  [org.jboss.as.server] (management-handler-thread - 2) JBAS018558: Undeployed "logicshop.war" (runtime-name: "logicshop.war")

      [0m [0m19:03:55,079 INFO  [org.jboss.as.server.deployment] (MSC service thread 1-15) JBAS015876: Starting deployment of "logicshop.war" (runtime-name: "logicshop.war")

      [0m [0m19:03:55,138 INFO  [org.wildfly.extension.undertow] (MSC service thread 1-6) JBAS017534: Registered web context: /logicshop

      [0m [0m19:03:55,149 INFO  [org.jboss.as.server] (management-handler-thread - 2) JBAS018559: Deployed "logicshop.war" (runtime-name : "logicshop.war")

      [0m[2015-01-15 07:03:55,165] Artifact logicshop: Artifact is deployed successfully

      [2015-01-15 07:03:55,165] Artifact logicshop: Deploy took 329 milliseconds


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      Nachricht geändert durch Moritz Winterberg