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    Clustering using the TUNNEL transport

    Francesco Marchioni Apprentice

      Dear all,

      I'm going to set up a cluster in a scenario where firewall restrictions exist. My first attempt will be using the JGroups TUNNEL transport. Before rolling the configuration in production I've done some attempts on my local machine with the following configuration:

      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:jgroups:2.0" default-stack="tunnel">
                      <stack name="tunnel">
                          <transport type="TUNNEL" shared="false">         
                             <property name="gossip_router_hosts">[12001]</property>
                          <protocol type="PING"/>
                          <protocol type="MERGE3"/>
                          <protocol type="FD_SOCK" socket-binding="jgroups-udp-fd"/>
                          <protocol type="FD_ALL"/>
                          <protocol type="VERIFY_SUSPECT"/>
                          <protocol type="pbcast.NAKACK2"/>
                          <protocol type="UNICAST3"/>
                          <protocol type="pbcast.STABLE"/>
                          <protocol type="pbcast.GMS"/>
                          <protocol type="UFC"/>
                          <protocol type="MFC"/>
                          <protocol type="FRAG2"/>
                          <protocol type="RSVP"/>
      . . .

      Then I've started the JGroups Gossip Router on and Port 12001, however the following WARNING is continuously issued for every node:

      [Server:server-two] 10:37:38,768 WARN  [org.jgroups.protocols.TUNNEL] (Timer-4,web,master:server-two/web) failed reconnecting stub to GR at / java.lang.Exception: Could not connect to /

      I am aware that the issue is not the GossipRouter, as a basic TCP stack with TCPGOSSIP works:

      <transport type="TCP" socket-binding="jgroups-tcp"/>
                          <protocol type="TCPGOSSIP">
                              <property name="initial_hosts">
                              <property name="num_initial_members">
                              <property name="timeout">

      Just wondering if TUNNEL needs a different protocol stack configuration on the current release of WildFly (8.2)