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    Column XXXX cannot be null. why not Default value?

    Sven Wappler Newbie

      Hi, i have a problem with my mysql database-table. Im using jboss 4.0.2 final and MySQL 4.1.12a-nt.
      If jboss creates a record, jboss says:

      java.rmi.ServerException: EJBException:; nested exception is:
       javax.ejb.EJBException: Could not create entity:java.sql.SQLException: Column 'activated' cannot be null

      If i want to create an EJB i must set several values, with are NOT NULL. For example my Primary Key is created by the auto-increment function of my table. That works.
      But i have other columns which are NOT NULL but have a default value. So the sense of a default value is, that they are used, if no value is set.
      How can i tell jboss, that it doesn't set any value (only on creating)? Or there are other solutions?

      An example-field is:
       <not-null />

      Thanks for help.