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    jboss: - "Unable to read logging.properties..."?

    Harsh Vardhan Newbie

      I created a small sample application using Netbeans 7 over jboss 6.1. But after i "clean and build" my application, i start jboss server but it displays error that it could not read logging.properties file.

      Solution I used to fix this problem:    

      I edited "run.bat" file in bin folder; Set "%DIRNAME%" in line "JAVA_OPTS=-Dprogram.name=%PROGNAME% -Dlogging.configuration=file: %DIRNAME% logging.properties %JAVA_OPTS%" -- to --> my absolute path to bin directory.


      But I am still getting the same error. Is there any other configuration or changes i need to do? like in in order to get jboss working?

      Error After Editing run.bat: Unable to read the logging configuration from 'file: D:\Applications\jboss\jboss-6.1.0.Final\bin\logging.properties-Xms128m ((The system cannot find the file specified))

      Please help!     And what is "Xms128m"?

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          Rob Stryker Master



          We don't typically provide support for netbeans, since a lot of us lack the expertise in that area. But:


          -Xms128m  is a command line java argument to change the amount of memory to make available to the VM.

          Since your error seems to be looking for a file "D:\Applications\jboss\jboss-6.1.0.Final\bin\logging.properties-Xms128m"  it would seem you need a space after logging.properties so that the -Xms128m is recognized as a vm argument and not part of the file name.