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    Connection has closed unexpectedly from JBoss App Server *Newbie here

    Jed Detera Newbie

      Hi, I'm a newbie here and I am not familiar with Jboss. Actually, I am just a programmer who uses a web service hosted in Jboss. We have a problem wherein we encounter an error message that says "The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly" which was returned by our client after invoking a method from the web service. While waiting for the response from the server, we encountered this error. Note that this error was returned by our client as it detected that the connection was cut or closed from the server. Moreover, when this issue happens, sometimes the transaction push through i.e record was saved/updated from the database, increases balance of account etc although we didn't get a valid response from the web service due to the error message.


      Jboss version: 5.X

      OS: Windows Server 2003

      Web service hosted in Jboss: Java

      DB: Microsoft SQL Server.


      Client: C# .Net application

      In addition, I have tried out all sorts of configuration (increasing timeout from client, actiontimeout from Jboss, increasing pool size, disabling expect100continue but we are still getting this error. I understand that this is not really your expertise (esp. that this issue is related to c# and how .net handles such things). Can someone knowledgeable in Jboss help me regarding this issue as we've been dealing this for quite sometime now. Thanks