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    how to select the functions in KIE Drools Workbench

    Narasimha Adusumalli Newbie

      Hi Everyone..


      i have a drl file which i have used some functions inside when condition block. i have imported those functions from helper class and i can able to execute the rule successfully by writing DRL file manually.


      import function com.util.JsonParserData.*;

      rule "volume grid decision"

          ruleflow-group "GridConnectRuleFlow"


          $grid : JSONObject (getValue($grid, "decision")!= "REJECT")

          $v : Map (Integer.parseInt(getMapValue($v,"no")) >=30 ) from getResultValue("VolStatsList", $grid)


              $grid.put("decision", "REJECT");




      the same approach i am trying to implement by using drools workbench. here am uploaded helper class. but am not able to select the functions of existing helper class in rule template.


      kindly help on this how to implement this future by using workbench. better provide some links to refer.