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    how to store a process definition in a rdbms or document management system in jbpm6

    Sanjay Singh Newbie

      The documentation (http://docs.jboss.org/jbpm/v6.0/userguide/jBPMPersistence.html) of jbpm6 mentions the following in chapter 8.


      "Also, the process definitions themselves, and the history information (logs of current and previous process states already) can also be persisted."


      The documentation describes how to store runtime states but it does  not tell how to store a process definition. The jbpm database has tables like processinstanceinfo, sessioninfo to store runtime information but it does not have a table like processdefinition to store the design time artifact. I am trying to figure out how to store a process defintion in an rdbms. Is it possible create a process defintion in process designer in jbpm-console and store the generated .bpmn2 data in rdbms or a dms?