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    WildFly DatabaseLoginModule not executed

    ameo Novice



      I have a Loginmodule packaged as a JAR Archive. There the Login-Class ist not executed after try to log in.

      If i package the project as a WAR-Archive it works fine. Why is this so ?


      The JAR has the following structure:









      I have some other *-War archives I want them to use the same loginmodule.

      They have the jboss-web.xml configured with the security-domain>mydomain</security-domain>.


      The standlone.xml defines the security-domain with the reference to the loginmodule:


      <security-domain name="mydomain" cache-type="default">


                     <login-module code="com.login.LoginModule" flag="required">

                         <module-option name="ignorePasswordCase" value="false"/>





      Do you have a reason, why the packaging as JAR is not working?