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    Is Infinispan >= 7.0 suited as a 2-node JCache server ?

    Steve Erkel Newbie

      I asked a similar question at stackoverflow and now have come to the conclusion that Infinispan might suit my demand. Here you can find the key points from the posting:

      • caches in memory (overflow to disk would be nice to have though)
      • supports two nodes (more is better but not necessary)
      • compatible with Windows
      • "free" license
      • compatible with JCache / Spring Cache
      • "security" when reading / writing to the cache (JAAS, certificates, IP based, ...) (unfortunately running the Windows firewall to block clients is not allowed in my company)


      I read quite much about earlier version of Infinispan and it looks like it had problems then with split brain. As I did see in the blog this should be better now. But isn`t the behaviour of blocking access to data when a node goes offline a problem with a 2-node setup ?

      I want to cache data that is "expensive" to be read from a database in a distributed Cache.

      My setup will be:

      • two Windows servers running each a Tomcat 8 with some webservices behind a Apache 2.4.
      • the same two servers will run the Cache server (Infinispan in this case)
      • The two servers are fronted by a Loadbalancer


      When one of the servers goes offline the loadbalancer will direct all traffic to the remaining box. That box will then access the remaining cache server.


      Will I be able to keep users from accessing Infinispan by securing it with a password or alike ? Will I have problems with syncing / replicating the cache as soon as the second server goes online again ?