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    FileUpload generates large Request Header with Request Parameters

    Georg Nozicka Newbie


      we have the following simple client code:


      <rich:fileUpload fileUploadListener="#{someBean.uploadListener}" maxFilesQuantity="10" execute="@none"/>


      It seems that all parameters which are defined within this form are passed via the request header, even though for execute “@none” is specified. This increases our Request Header significantly and has in our case more than 5 KB.


      Performing any other request like a4j:commandButton does not generate such big Request Headers because such requests do not add all the parameters to the Request Parameters.


      The large list of request parameters generates some troubles in one of our systems which is located in front of our server. It seems that it cannot handle these large amount of Request Header data. Does it have any reason why especially with the fileUpload control so many data are sent to the server? If not, how can this behavior been avoided?


      We use RichFaces 4.5.2.Final.