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    How to add File Custom Field Type in jBPM6

    Feri Moosaei Newbie

      Hey guys,


      Actually, I am trying to add a file field type to the task form in which the user will be able to upload a file in the task form.

      I do the corresponding procedure:

      1) ant  clean.demo

      2) add "File Input": new org.jbpm.formModeler.core.fieldTypes.file.FileCustomType() tp the jBPM-installer/conf/META-INF/ CustomWorkItemHandlers.conf

      3) add cutomFieldType.jar (which include the build of following    https://github.com/droolsjbpm/jbpm-form-modeler/tree/master/jbpm-form-modeler-sample-custom-types/jbpm-form-modeler-custom-file-type. )  to the WEB/lib

      4) ant install.demo

      5) ant start.demo

      BUT unfortunately i cant see the Input File in the custom field of the form.

      i have attached the jar file to the email


      Could you help me if I am missing some thing???