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    Core bridge: sending messages to non-existent queue name (HornetQ)

    vic neiman Newbie

      Hi all, Something I've stumbled across whilst creating a core bridge from a stand alone HornetQ instance (instance A) to Wildfly (instance B). In stand alone I defined the forwarding address of the queue as


      whilst on the Wildfly side the corresponding JMS destination was defined as: 

      <jms-queue name="AuditQueue">

                              <entry name="/queue/auditQueue"/>

                              <entry name="java:jboss/exported/jms/queue/auditQueue"/>


         Turns out the message was getting taken off the queue in instance A, put on the bridge and delivered to instance B, but because of the discrepancy in the queue names ('a' vs. 'A') the message just disappeared with no error or entry in the log file. Can someone weigh in on this and if possible explain how I could configure Wildfly to complain about the fact that a message has arrived for a queue that does not exist on the server? I would have expected the message to be returned to the queue on instance A at least, failing to be delivered to instance B.

      Thanks Vic