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    Upgrading from CMP 1.1 to 2.1 - relationships

    Per Nyfelt Newbie

      I am upgrading a CMP 1.1 based system to CMP 2.1 and are struggling with relationships. I have two beans Activity and ActivityLog where the table structure looks as follows:

      CREATE TABLE Activity (
       id bigint(20) NOT NULL,
       description varchar(75) default NULL,
       entityCode char(2) default NULL,
       active char(1) default NULL,
       seq int(11) default NULL,
       PRIMARY KEY (id)

      CREATE TABLE ActivityLog (
       id bigint(20) NOT NULL,
       entityId bigint(20) default NULL,
       activityId bigint(20) default NULL,
       userId bigint(20) NOT NULL default '0',
       activityDate datetime default NULL,
       description varchar(100) default NULL,
       PRIMARY KEY (id)

      In the old way I had a finder called findActivitiesForEntity which i defined as follows in jaws.xml:
       <query>, Activity
       WHERE ActivityLog.activityId = Activity.id
       AND ActivityLog.entityId = {0}
       AND Activity.entityCode = {1}
       <order>activityDate DESC, id DESC</order>

      I found no way of doing it this way on JBOSS 4.0.1 using CMP 2.1 which is my target so I modified the finder to look like this instead (using xdoclet):

       signature="java.util.Collection findActivitiesForEntity(long entityId, java.lang.String entityCode)"
       query="SELECT OBJECT(o) FROM ActivityLog AS o WHERE o.entityId = ?1 AND o.activity.entityCode = ?2 ORDER BY o.activityDate DESC, o.id DESC"

      Thus using the idea of a relationship between ActivityLog and Activity to be able to navigate from one to the other. However i cannot figure out how to declare the CMR relationship. The following code does NOT work as JBoss thinks it is a M:N relationship (which it is not).
       * @ejb.interface-method
       * @ejb.relation
       * name="Acitivity-ActivityLog"
       * role-name="ActivityLog-belongs_to-Activity"
       * target-role-name="ActivityLog-Activity"
       * target-ejb="Activity"
       * @jboss.target-relation
       * related-pk-field="id"
       * fk-column="activityId"
       public abstract Activity getActivity( );
       * @ejb.interface-method
       public abstract void setActivity( Activity activity );

      I've not defined any CMR field in Activity (actually tried that as well without any luck). Essentially i want to navigate from ActivityLog to Activity but a re not really interested in going the other way (from Activity to activityLog).

      Any help would be most appreciated!

      Best regards,