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    JBoss Fuse ESB Cluster setup

    P D Newbie

      Hello Experts,


      I am new to JBoss Fuse ESB and exploring the best practices in setting up a cluster of ESB. I also could not understand the usage of Profile and container. When and why do you create a profile and associate it to container. In production scenario how do you onboard applications to the platform, how do you manage profile and container etc. I went through the documentation on JBoss site, however could not get answers to my questions.


      Appreciate if some could clarify this.




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          Geert Schuring Newbie

          Hi Pravin,


          A profile is a named list of artifacts and configuration. A container is a JVM that you can install artifacts on by assigning a profile to it. Lets say you have a profile that lists all the bundles needed to run your applications backend. Now you can start 3 containers and assign the backend profile to all three containers to have them all run seperate instances of the same backend.


          Hope that makes it a little more clear.