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    JAX-RS with EJB interceptors problem with Proxy annotation

    fenoloco Newbie


      I'm currently implementing a REST audit interceptor in order to log the user activity.

      I defined an interceptor for the EJB that define the Rest API and it is working as expected.

      Also I have added a custom annotation on the parameters of each REST method, adding some metadata to the audit interceptor.

      The problem is that all the annotation are proxies created by the server, and a can not figure how to take the original instance of the proxy.

      Could someone help me to find the original instance from the proxy? or give me a clue about how can I do in that case?


      To clarify the problem:


          @RestAction(value = ETask.ACTION1)
          public List<RBranch> list(@RestParam(value = "Page Size") @QueryParam("pageSize") int pageSize)  {


      On the interceptor, the RestParam annotation is a proxy, and I can't not get the value "Page Size" from the proxy..

      Thanks in advance.