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    How to exclude entities from the scope of Errai JPA when compiling

    Victor Wjugow Newbie

      Hi everyone.

      I'm using Errai 3.0.0-Final (currently upgrating to 3.0.2-Final)

      I want to add the org.jboss.errai.jpa.JPA module to my application. I will use it with only one simple entity for the moment. However I have several other entities in another gwt module which I am including in my .gwt.xml file. So, after adding jpa dependency and module, my app stopped compiling due to some JPA errors in some of the other entities which I don't want to use with Errai JPA (e.g it complaints about not supporting autogenerated Id String fields) (I do use them in hibernate and in both client and server side, so I can't remove the @Entity annotation nor just exclude them from my project). Is there any way of excluding these entities from the scope of Errai JPA ?

      Thanks in advance.