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    Forms not working in 6.2.0.CR4

    Roger Parkinson Newbie

      Not working for me anyway. I open the task hoping to see a form I've designed and instead I see this:

      Screenshot - 270115 - 15:25:06.png

      Over on the right you can see "formRenderCtx_782655441_1422325484039" which is where I hoped to see the form.

      There are no messages in the log when it 'renders' the form.

      The launch form I've put on this process renders just fine.


      Okay, my environment: I've cloned the git project (kie-wb) and built it without changes and deployed it into wildfly-8.1.0.Final.

      I cloned the process over from my earlier 6.1.0.Final system and the main part came over but the forms failed so I deleted them and regenerated. This is the result.

      Then I created a new process from scratch with new forms and it gave the same result.

      Does anyone else see forms rendering on this version?