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    Upgrade from 4.13 to 4.13.1 failed

    Łukasz Żmuda Newbie



      I'm trying to upgrade rhq server from 4.13.0 to the newest version 4.13.1. Both servers are in that same place on disc: /home/vo/. Old agent is installed under /home/vo/rhq-agent/rhq-agent/ directory.

      After command:

      ./rhqctl upgrade --from-server-dir /home/vo/rhq-server-4.13.0/

      I have:


      10:25:31,840 ERROR [org.rhq.server.control.RHQControl] /home/vo/rhq-agent/bin doesn't exist.

      10:25:31,863 ERROR [org.rhq.server.control.command.Upgrade] The old installation components failed to be stopped. Please stop them manually before continuing. exit code=1

      RHQ Server                     (no pid file) is âdown


      Of course this path is incorrect, so I tried to add --from-agent-dir option but without success.


      Moreover upgrade process can't find storage, while rhq-data directory is in the same place where server: /home/vo/

      10:25:31,923 WARN  [org.rhq.server.control.command.Stop] It appears that the storage node is not installed. The --storage option will be ignored.


      I hadn't such problems with earliest versions. Old server, agent and storage are turned off.


      Any advice and suggestions will be appreciated