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    Memory Leak in Wildfly 8.2 on remote EJB access from Tomcat 7


      I found this issue as fixed:

      [REM3-200] Memory leak in org.xnio.ByteBufferSlicePool - JBoss Issue Tracker



      I patched from wf 8.1 to 8.2 and it seems to be that the memory leak still remains!
      A large amount of byte[] data could not be garbage collected.

      Only the described workaround "-Djboss.remoting.pooled-buffers=false" solves the memory leak.

      The remoting module 4.0.6 is used for sure.

      Our setup:
      Wildfly 8.2 (java 8 u 20 with 4G MEM) on redhat linux
      Tomcat 7 (java 7 u 55 with 3 G MEM) on redhat linux

      Our scenario: Tomcat application connects to ejb deployed on Wildfly via scoped EJB Client context

      The result: Tomcat runs OOM and Wildfly runs OOE during one day.