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    Resolving Service's category and name inside Action

    Marko S Newbie

      I should find out in what service the current action is. Is there anyway to do it? ESB version is 4.12 and AS is 6.1.

      Given jboss-esb.xml snippet:

        <service category="MyCategory"
         description="MyTestDescription" name="MyName">
          <jms-listener busidref="my_jms" name="my_jms">
           <jms-message-filter dest-name="queue/my_jms" dest-type="QUEUE"/>
         <actions mep="RequestResponse">
           class="my.package.MyAction" name="MyActionName"/>


      ..And MyAction is:


      public class MyAction {
        public MyAction() {}
        public Message process(Message message) {
        // How to resolve these?
        String serviceCategory,serviceName;


      Any pointers how to get service's category and name would be useful! Thanks!