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    [forge-dev] Forge Meeting Minutes - 2015-01-27

    Lincoln Baxter III Master




      Minutes (text):






      Meeting summary


      • Status Reports  (lincolnthree1, 15:00:27)


      • Last week I worked on some designs for making the test harness

          simpler, and worked on the website design implementation with the

          designer  (lincolnthree1, 15:02:02)


      • I also had some brainstorming sessions about Forge and Microservices

          (lincolnthree1, 15:02:18)


      • the plugin versions in JBT need to be bumped  (koentsje, 15:03:21)


      • koentsje will remove F1 support from JBT master branch  (koentsje,



      • Priorities and Next Steps  (lincolnthree1, 15:18:00)


      • Integration enablement (whoever wants to use us, etc.) NetBeans

          Plugin, etc.  (lincolnthree1, 15:18:41)


      • JavaEE 7 - Commands (a JIRA with a list of commands to implement

          would be great.)  (lincolnthree1, 15:19:01)


      • Test harness improvements  (gastaldi, 15:19:21)


      • Prototyping a Forge/Docker/Kubernetes/KeyCloak/REST microservices

          framework  (lincolnthree1, 15:19:31)


      • Stacks addon  (lincolnthree1, 15:25:24)


      • JBoss Forge Hackergarten Devoxx France  (lincolnthree1, 15:37:11)


      • JIRA topics to bring to the Hackergarten will be discussed closer to

          conference time and base on current priorities  (lincolnthree1,





      Lincoln Baxter, III


      "Simpler is better."