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    EJB calls in multihomed JBoss 5.1

    Alexander Eckert Newbie



      I've spend a lot of time trying to solve a problem when calling remote EJB 2.1.


      Let's say there are three private networks A, B1 and B2.

      On machine server.network (ip in net A runs a JBoss.

      On Computers in B1 and B2 are Clients which try to call a remote EJB.

      For the B1-client the address of the JBoss seems to be jboss.somewhere with ip

      For the B2-client the address of the JBoss seems to be jboss.else with ip


      I tried to configure homes and connecthomes in remoting-jboss-beans.xml.

      In any the server send a stub to the client with the rmi address server.network:1098.


      Can this problem be solved by configuration? Do i have to use a custom

      SocketFactory and if so, how?