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    N00B help Integration testing with Arquillian using Tomcat, Elastic Search, and Cassandra

    Todd Nine Newbie

      Hey guys,

      We're revamping our test framework for Usergrid, and we're evaluating Arquillian.  I like it better than cargo, because it integrates better with the IDE to make development easier.  However, I need to perform the following.


      1. Run a process that wipes Cassandra and ES (might not be necessary if we use a new temp dir every time)
      2. Start Cassandra
      3. Start ElasticSearch
      4. Start tomcat and deploy our application
      5. Test


      It's clear to me how to deploy our webapp to tomcat via Arquillian, but our integration tests need Cassandra and Elastic Search to start before the deployment to the container.  Are there any example of doing this that I can look at to learn from?