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    Displaying nested nodes in Modeshape Web Explorer

    Shane Kelly Newbie



      After recently resolving a few minor issues with deploying Modeshape Web Explorer [4.1.0 Final] I've been playing around with it to create/delete/modify nodes etc, however I've observed (what I think is) unexpected behaviour when I create a simple nested node structure. Here are the steps:


      1. Deploy Modeshape Web Explorer with configuration defining a new, empty repository with a single default workspace

      2. Access Modeshape Web Explorer via a browser and select the test repository (using anonymous login with full privileges in this instance)

      3. Initially the root node displays the [jcr:system] child node as expected.

      4. Press New Node button and add a new node 'node1' of type 'nt:unstructured'

      5. /node1 is created and if I select the 'children' tab, and click on the ../ link to return to the parent node (root) I can see '[jcr:system]' and 'node1'

      6. If I reselect 'node1' (so that my path is now '/node1' and create a new child node here - 'node2' of type [nt:unstructured], the properties of 'node2' are now displayed and I can see the current path is '/node1/node2'

      7. If I click on the 'Children' tab and then click on the ../ link to return to the parent node (/node1) the path now changes to '/node1' as you would expect - but node2 is not displayed as one of node1's children

      8. If create a further child node (node3) under /node1/node2, similar behaviour is observed - node3 is created and accessible at /node1/node2/node3 but not visible as a child of /node1/node2 in the UI - I can confirm that the newly created nodes exist because I can manually manipulate the workspace URL path in the browser to view them (e.g. http://localhost:80808/myWebApp/tree/myRepository/ws-default/node1/node2/node3 or I can use a JCR-SQL2 query like:


      SELECT * FROM [nt:unstructured]

      WHERE PATH([nt:unstructured]) LIKE '/node%'


      and each of the child nodes are listed - yet the only child node which is visible/navigable via the Web Explorer UI is /node1


      Am I overlooking some fundamental JCR principle here with respect to nt:unstructured nodes - please tell me I'm not - or is this simply an issue with Modeshape Web Explorer?