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    Errai Forge Addon

    Clay Cody Newbie

      I have a new Eclipse Luna install and a new JBoss Tools install, which contains a lot of Forge stuff too. When I read the instructions to "install the Forge Addon" they say that I should hit Ctrl + 5 and wait a few minutes. I wait but nothing happens. The addon does not fire up. I am on Windows 7 Professional I may add. I don't know what to do. I can get the cli forge console working through show views, but that looks very complicated. Any one say what I am doing wrong? I cannot reload the JBoss Forge stuff, because I am told that everything is installed already and there are no updates. Any help would be appreciated. I simply cannot think what the trouble would be. Is there some other command besides Ctrl+5 for example? Do I need to have GWT installed before the Forge Addon fires up?

      Thanks for any tips.