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    A simple example with jboss eap 6.3 using jboss amq with message driven beans

    Gabriel Goyo Newbie

      Hi guys.. Greetings from Ecuador.  There are some articles talking about jboss with amq, but there's no articles for beginners about how to develop a single messaging application by using red hat jboss amq. Any of you could redirect me or publish a little simple example about how to be succesful in create a JMS application using red hat jboss amq???  In my personal experience, I have some problems with the consumer app because using message driven beans is difficult to use in terms of jboss eap server configuration. I think that there's not enough information about how to get the right configuration by using the jboss management console, or if there's some situations in which is necessary modify xml configuration files in a notepad. I think that a step-by-step guide for developing JMS application using red hat jbos amq would be great!!. Any of you have a working sample which you can share with??


      I'm quite sure that any of you guys have the experience to teach how to achieve a simple applications by using red hat jboss amq.


      Thanks in advance