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    client/server setup - remote data GET manipulation

    Thanasis Naskos Newbie



      I have a client/server infinispan 7.0.3 setup in distribution mode with 3 owners.

      I know that when a GET request is received by a node (server) (eg. via REST api), the node firstly search locally for the data and then it sends a GET request to all the other nodes (servers). The first server who answers is the one from whom the data are fetched (as explained here and here).


      My question is: Which server is going to send the data to the client? The remote one will directly communicate with the client or the data will firstly be send to the first called server and then fetched to the client?


      In addition, I'm currently using REST server, if I setup HotRod server is there any difference to the previously explained scenario?

      Thank you!


      P.S. I've also checked this discussion in the mailing list, but still is not clear to me how it works.