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    A question about binders' PropertyChangeHandlers and nested Lists

    Phillip Nakaska Newbie

      Given a class with a nested list: 

           class B{...},


           class A {

                 List<B> blist;


      where a top level component which has the bindings for  A contains, as well, a binding for it's nested list

           ListWidget <B,BWidget> blistw,


      When attempting to use a PropertyChangeHandler on the binder (DataBinder<A> abinder) in the parent  component to listen for change events in any blistw instances,

      by using "blistw" or 'blistw.**' as arguments to the property change listener.

      for example

           abinder.setPropertyChangeHandler("blistw" new PropertyChangeHandler<Object>() ...

      "blistw.**' gives compilation error because it's a List, and "blistw" does not work when trying to use abinder to listen for events from the children in the list.


      is there a way to have the property change event propagate to the parent?

      Leaving the argument out, or using "**" has no effect either.

      I looked at the tests and didn't see anything obvious.

      Is there a proper filter argument (like "**" but applies to lists) for the PropertyChangeHandler to allow listening for children events of lists? Or, is another mechanism used for this?