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    Transaction Metrics all zero

    Tim Mickelson Newbie

      Hello, I have enabled the transactions metrics in standalone.xml on my Wildfly 8.2.0 as below but the transactions metrics are always zero, even though I have many projects deployed using transactions. Probably something trivial is missing, could some one tell me what is wrong? I'm using the Spring Framework 4.1.2 and Hibernate as installed in the Wildfly modules.


        Thanks for any help, Tim Mickelson



          <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:transactions:2.0">
              <recovery-environment socket-binding="txn-recovery-environment" status-socket-binding="txn-status-manager"/>
              <coordinator-environment default-timeout="300" statistics-enabled="true"/>



      The datasource is configured as (with jta true):


                  <datasource jta="true" jndi-name="java:/youconnect" pool-name="youconnect_Pool" enabled="true" use-java-context="true" use-ccm="true">