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    How to know the socket being used on JMS?

    james viet Newbie

      I used client and the client will create a connection to server via HornetQ and Netty


      Each of 1 minute, server will send heart beat and client (who subscribered) will be received this message. In the message, I included the root IP of server


      Everything will be OK if this server had only 1 network card (NIC).


      But in the case, server have 2 or more network cards. I met issue.


      In the message is received by client, the IP of server not right.


      I used InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostAddress() to get to root IP and I known it wrong in this case server had 2 NICs


      So can you give me some advise, how I can get right IP here?


      Some guys said we can refer "the socket being used for getting right IP". Do you know how we can get it?


      Thanks in advanced,