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    Newbie Alert: Serving statics from wars with apache front - best practice?

    Adrian Black Newbie

      We are looking into changing technology stack to a jvm based one and are looking at how things are done when using app servers like wildfly.

      One point of interest is serving statics.

      When you build an website and mush everything together in the war for deployment all the statics etc cant be seen directly via apache. also there is the issue of using .htaccess if its in the war file too. If the war file could be exploded upon deployment then this would be possible as it would be a physical directory.


      How do people deal with this?

      Do they do deployments of statics to one directory and code to the war file?

      Do they serve statics via the wildfly web server to apache as with other requests?

      Can you explode the war to a directory upon deployment?