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    how many resource adapaters i can use in the  wildfly config


      Hi Friends/team members,


      i need help actually,


      i have confiured the resource-adapter active mq in my wildfly 8.2 how many  i can condfiure ata tim e, i want confiure the IBm mq also ,


      in my application is we will switch to use active mq and ibm mq, how to configure the iBm mq .

      below snipped config for active mq , the same way i want to configure IBM mq is it possible ,please help me to do



                      <resource-adapter id="activemq-rar.rar">

                          <module slot="main" id="org.apache.activemq.ra"/>


                          <config-property name="UseInboundSession">



                          <config-property name="ServerUrl">




                              <connection-definition class-name="org.apache.activemq.ra.ActiveMQManagedConnectionFactory" jndi-name="srmConnFactory" enabled="true" pool-name="ConnectionFactory">










                              <admin-object class-name="org.apache.activemq.command.ActiveMQQueue" jndi-name="chnlReqQueue" use-java-context="true" pool-name="chnlReqQueue">

                                  <config-property name="PhysicalName">