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    problem on centralized db archiecture ?

    Gulam Samdani Expert

      I am working on a application that has following  requirements :


      200 hundred branch and one head office . it financial large scale system .
      that has -Accounting , cash, loan management module. Every branch operate those module .
      and user hit/transaction rate is high. it is kind of banking system .
      our system currently run on distributed database with Desktop application .





      Now , for better maintainability , We want to run it web application server with one centralized db environment .Now , I have a confusion ,



           Q1 . is it right to transfer distributed db to one centralized db in this requirements ?


          Q2 . Actually , personally i have no working experience about distributed db , so.

               what are the real advantages distributed db over centralized db for above requirements ?   


          Q3 . is it possible to achievement performance using centralized db without distributed db for above business requirements ?