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    Wildfly 8.1 app behind reverse proxy

    Richard Quintin Newbie

      I'm trying to setup jbpm behind a reverse proxy (Apache). I suspect this problem applies more generally to Wildfly than jbpm in particular.


      So this is what I want:

      user <--[HTTPS] --> my.domain.com/jbpm-console <-- [AJP] --> jee-server-1.com:1234/jbpm-console


      The problem appears to be that HttpRequest.getServerName() is returning jee-server-1.com rather than my.domain.com.


      This url [JBoss Web - Proxy Support HOW-TO] talks about setting proxyName in a Connector element of jboss-web.xml, but that doesn't appear to work in Wildfly 8.1.


      What is the correct way to configure an application running in Wildfly 8.1 behind a reverse proxy?