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    Wildfly 8.1 , does not recognize my dependencies

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      I am in the midst of porting my application from Glassfish to Wildfly 8.1.

      This is a maven project ( mvn version is 3.0.5 ) , Java 1.7 and it is written in Netbeans 8.0.2.

      I have created an EJB-module , the name of my deployable file is ServerApp-ejb.jar .


      The EJB-module relies on my 'Domain-service'-module which is a jar - >DomainService-2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar .


      When I deploy my my ejb-app.jar in Glassfish :

      I can see that Glassfish use the DomainService-2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar that is located in my .m2-directory .


      Pressing the Glassfish tab of 'General' I can see the following:

      'Libraries'> /home/ingo/.m2/repository/se/server/tutorial/web/DomainService/2.0-SNAPSHOT/DomainService-2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

      I understand that class-loading is done differently in Wildfly than it is done in Glassfish.

      I have seen some recommendation regarding war-files and ear-files.

      My EJB has the following lines in my  pom.xml






      And the following dependencies :




























      The only file in the above dependency list that is not found is my own.

      Could anyone advice me on the right thing to do, I would rather not change my packaging style <packaging>ejb</packaging>.


      regards, ingo


      Created a small demo-project and added this image later ( so the class-names + packages do not reflect the question above )

      So my EJB-module relies on the EJB-Services [module] and the wiring is done in pom.xml .

      When I deploy the EJB-module in Wildfly 8.x , wildfly cannot find the 'CrudService.class' .

      But Glassfish 3.x can find the dependency.


      The dependecy is like this :



      public class CrudBean implements CrudService {

      Screenshot from 2015-02-12 12:41:58.png


      Error message :

      Screenshot from 2015-02-12 12:47:09.png


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