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    process function and preload in AdvancedLoadWriteStore

    Prashant Thakur Novice

      The process of AdvancedLoadWriteStore is called by preload of PersistenceManagerImpl and also by some other activities.

      We have written some preload related code like fetching data from persistence store as is expected in preload implementation.

      The problem is this process is called from other places as well and hence we would like to restrict this call only to preload as fetching millions of records from persistence store in any other function than preload doesn't make any sense to use.

      What is the suggested mechanism to support this functionality as presently we have instance of CacheLoaderTask in process function but information seems limited ?


      Kindly suggest .

      public void process(final KeyFilter filter, final CacheLoaderTask loaderTask, Executor executor,

        boolean fetchValue, boolean fetchMetadata)