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    Jboss AS and Solaris 11

    Carolina Contiu Newbie

      Is there any official statement/document confirming that Jboss 6 or 7 (AS, not EAP) has been certified for use on Solaris OS11?

      My only findings were related to EAP (see link https://access.redhat.com/articles/111663). I want to know if something

      similar may be found for the AS version.

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          Markus Kree Newbie



          We have the same request, we are working on some documentation and it would be great to know if JBoss 6 or 7 AS is certified for Solaris 11.



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            Tomaz Cerar Master

            Certification is a process a product goes trough and based on that certifications commercial support is offered.

            Product based of AS7/WildFly is Red Hat EAP which is tested & certified to run on various platforms which are outlined in the document above that you linked.


            AS7(now WildFly) is community project, where we don't certify it to run anywhere.

            We do have CI jobs to test it on various platforms / JDK combinations. And we try to make it work on all of them but there is no official certification as with EAP.


            Keep in mind that WildFly is upstream project for EAP and all fixes/changes that come to EAP are first applied to upstream.


            Having said all that, basic rule of thumb is that WildFly has requirement of compatible JDK and as long that is met it should work.


            our current CI matrix for WildFly is combined of:

            - Windows server 2008R2 & 2012R2

            - Linux Centos / RHEL 6 & 7

            - Solaris 11 x86

            and JDKs:

            - Oracle JDK 7 & 8, with early tests for 9

            - IBM 1.7 (8 coming when IBM releases it)


            We don't test on Sparc Solaris 11 as we don't have hardware available to us.


            We are also currently working on having publicly accessible CI for community, so it will be easier for anyone to see what platform / jdk combination works.


            All of above apply to current upstream which is now WildFly 9, last AS7.x releases are old and as such I cannot really say how well it works on various platforms.